This compound image shows Mt Pirongia and fantail photos by Tui Allen and NZ falcon painting by Janet Marshall.
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Pirongia Te Aroaro o Kahu Restoration Society Inc was formed in 2002 as a result of deep-seated community interest in the ecological restoration of Mt Pirongia. It evolved from a joint Department of Conservation and community focus group (set up in 1997) to deal with possum control issues.

The society's title comes from the name used by tangata whenua for Pirongia. It translates as "the scented presence of Kahu (a tohunga's wife)" and reflects the society's wish to see this mountain continue to influence and enrich the lives of all who gaze upon it.

Logo of Pirongia Te Aroaro o Kahu painted by Clare St Pierre.

The society's key objective is to restore the natural ecosystems of the mountain. This includes the re-introduction of native species, particularly the kokako which has been chosen as an icon for our group.

Other objectives include:

  • The involvement of the community in education and conservation relating to the maunga.
  • Upholding the spiritual integrity of Mt Pirongia from a Maori perspective.
  • Promoting recreation opportunities on the mountain.
  • Preserving colonial heritage.
  • Promoting Pirongia as a special place for all people in the Waikato.

We have a close relationship with the Department of Conservation, and acknowledge their generous and on-going support. Another key relationship is with the Pirongia Historic Visitor Centre - Te Whare Taonga o Ngaa Rohe a Arekahanorawhere, where the society has a permanent display about Mt Pirongia.

2012 Committee
Back Row:from left: Steve McClunie, Ken Allen, Selwyn June, Peter Elley, Annemarie Verhoeven.
Front row: Vic Hopkirk, June Bright, Clare St Pierre, Dianne June, Tonia Eckhoff, Absent: Sally Uerata, Amanda Haigh and Gerry Kessels.
Photo of the committee members by Sonia Frimmel.
This is the original "Founding Committee" from 2002
Ken Allen, Shannon Fergie, Carla Vincent, Steve McClunie, John Wilson, De Arnne Tamaki
Front row: Tonia Eckhoff, June Bright, Clare St Pierre (Chairperson), Sally Uerata, Norma Doyle.
Absent from photo: Kevin Christie, Murray Handley, Berwyn Sterling

If you wish to join the society please visit our "Contact or Join" page.

If you wish to donate to our cause our bank account details are also on the contact or join page.

Benefits of Membership

Receive our quarterly newsletter

Improve the environment in our own community

Strengthen your sense of belonging to the land and to your community

Training and knowledge building in a wide range of areas, for example: -

  • Native ecosystems
  • Group management skills
  • Planting to attract native birds
  • Maori tikanga relating to Mt Pirongia

Networking with other conservation groups

Opportunities to participate in our activities such as:

  • Bait station filling
  • Monitoring of aspects of native forest health
    • Possums
    • Rats
    • Vegetation
    • Birds

Social benefits of getting to know others who share your interests and live in this locality

Advocacy with the Department of Conservation, Waipa District Council and Environment Waikato

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