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Mt Pirongia Mustelid Trapping

Protecting our nesting birds


Managing all introduced mammalian predators at the same time maximises the number of species that benefit from pest control. We choose to trap mustelids (stoats, weasels and ferrets) on Mt Pirongia as we believe it is a key part of restoring the maunga’s ecosystem.  Stoats continue to prey on birds when rats are removed from an area and are known to kill nesting kōkako females.


We protect Mt Pirongia’s nesting birds by placing mustelid traps  on main ridgelines using walking tracks.

Richard Still Nov 2019.jpg
Pirongia-shoot (11).jpg
Mustelid trap lines.PNG

Mt Pirongia Trap Lines

(red dot = trap)

IMG_20190817_090005 (1).jpg

Our dedicated trapping team check and re-bait traps on a monthly basis. We are always happy to welcome new people to help us protect our breeding birds. 

IMG_20190817_102654 (1).jpg

to help us check and re-bait traps

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