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Northern Pureora

Bait Station Grid 

Pest Control in Okahukura Valley


This 1000 hectare bait station grid in Okahukura Valley is serviced by our amazing community volunteers. Our pest control allows this kōkako population to flourish and maintains its classification as the strongest source nationally for translocations. 

We do four overnight trips a year to refill and/or empty the 954 bait stations at this site. After our teams return from walking the bait lines we enjoy some refreshments together and get the chance to share our passion for native species. 

to help fill bait stations or monitor rat populations using tracking tunnels

Mountain cabbage convention Oct 2018 Jac
Okahukura Map.PNG

Click through the photos below to get a flavour of our work at Okahukura Valley

Pirongia-shoot (73).jpg
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