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Exciting Kokako News!

We have recently heard from DoC that with no objections to obtaining Pirongia lineage birds from Tiritiri Matangi to translocate to Mount Pirongia, our application is being forwarded to those who make the decision with the recommendation it be approved. We should know the answer by Christmas time.

In the meantime we can proceed with the next stages of the project. Some adjustment to our translocation plan will be needed with respect to broader source populations. Kokako specialists who are likely to be involved with the translocation have booked time into their diaries for the autumn months next year and there will be opportunities for volunteers to assist with catch site preparation and with the catching itself. Volunteers need to be fit and ideally able to commit to a 5-7 day period from March/April onward. Around three volunteers will be needed each week of the catching period.

Most importantly , we are getting our fund-raising campaign underway with a target of $100,000 to raise by March 2017. Dame Malvina Major, patron of the Kokako Recovery Group, has offered to help stage a concert for us which we are planning in conjunction with an art auction. A date will be finalised shortly. We also have a supporter package; you can find out full details of how to support us here: You might like to consider a charitable donation as a Christmas gift and these are tax deductible.

Filming for the corporate sponsorship package video took place last week and so it seems we are on the way there. Any ideas or help with fundraising, including offers of goods or experiences that could be used as rewards for raffles or large donations, will be most welcome. Please contact Clare to offer your assistance with this or to volunteer for the catching programme.

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