What's happening on the Maunga?

Thank you Te Pahu School!

Te Pahu School has donated $250 to us thanks to the efforts of their environment group. We will be put this towards our kokako work. Thank you Te Pahu School! We'd love other schools to follow your lead.

Dactylanthus update

Sadly weather and people’s other commitments have conspired against us achieving any work with this fabulous little parasitic plant since last January. A trip between 17th-25th January 2017 is planned to monitor flowering and a number of people have indicated their availability. We now have funding for helicopter support for this and later trips to monitor seed set amongst other things so we are hopeful of achieving more in 2017.

Okahukura Update

Our baiting for the year is finished and our ‘rat tunnellers’ have trawled through the bush twice in 24 hours, putting 80 cards out in the tunnels and retrieving them 24 hours later. The cards were duly sent to Tertia Thurley at DoC Pureora for confirmation and our rat index was 5 out of 80 which equals 6%. She says, “Despite a few rats present this is a really good result and will definitely provide for more fledglings this year from Okahukura, so well done to you all.” There is still bait in many of the stations so this should be good for the breeding season. One of our volunteers has a colleague who is very good with mapping from Excel programmes and has produced this map below of the bai

Welcome to our new website

Our new website has been launched so take a look around. We think it looks fabulous. Thanks to DoC for funding it and Stephen Way from Good Sir for doing such a great job of the development work!

Exciting Kokako News!

We have recently heard from DoC that with no objections to obtaining Pirongia lineage birds from Tiritiri Matangi to translocate to Mount Pirongia, our application is being forwarded to those who make the decision with the recommendation it be approved. We should know the answer by Christmas time. In the meantime we can proceed with the next stages of the project. Some adjustment to our translocation plan will be needed with respect to broader source populations. Kokako specialists who are likely to be involved with the translocation have booked time into their diaries for the autumn months next year and there will be opportunities for volunteers to assist with catch site preparation and

Kokako - Bird of the Year

Pirongia Te Aroaro o Kahu Restoration Society is gearing up for a momentous year in 2017 and it is all about kokako. This native bird was recently voted Bird of the Year and if the Pirongia group’s plans are realized, they will be given the green light to re-establish this captivating bird on Mt Pirongia in the next 12 months. The last ones were removed from that maunga in the 1990s in the hope they would breed successfully in a safer place, and the Department of Conservation has confirmed that Pirongia bloodlines still survive today. “We have committee members who remember hearing kokako on Mt Pirongia and bringing back that amazing song to our maunga was a key driver for forming our group

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